Weber Communities That Care

Working in our community to prevent youth substance abuse and suicide


The Weber Communities That Care Coalition (Weber CTC) is a primary prevention coalition working to prevent youth substance use and suicide in our community. We are a caring group of community members that harnesses resources to support all youth by engaging families, schools, and the community through education and connectedness.

Weber CTC is made up of a key leader board and a community board, both of which include community members, key leaders, businesses, parents, grandparents, religious leaders, school personnel, law enforcement, local government, youth, healthcare, and youth-serving organizations. The Weber CTC is guided by the CTC process and the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). The CTC process and SPF are utilized to help coalitions assess and prioritize the problem, identify risk and protective factors, ensure resources are available, and plan and implement evidence-based prevention programs. Weber CTC focuses heavily on reducing risk and increasing protective factors that have been proven to prevent problem behaviors, like people struggling with substance use disorders or dying by suicide. All of this ensures that we can make effective, lasting, and positive change in our community.

Weber CTC is proud to do prevention work throughout North Ogden, Pleasant View, Harrisville, Eden, Liberty, and Huntsville. If you feel compelled to learn more about Weber CTC and join the coalition, please visit

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