Sometimes, the smallest of gifts are the best!

The Gift of Thank You

Tell Dad what you love about him and what you’ve learned from him. Cut out a heart shape from construction or colored paper and write in your answer or Mom can help write for little ones.

The Gift of a Keepsake

It’s not just moms who appreciate a special gift from their kids that they’ve made with their own hands. For dads of young kids, a handprint or footprint is a treasured gift.

The Gift of a Good Meal

Making Dad his favorite food with his favorite beverage will definitely make him smile. You can even buy him his favorite snack from the store; it’s the thought that counts!

The Gift of a Quality Time
Dads love spending time with their kids. You could go on a bike ride, a nature walk, or a trip to the park. Ice cream at the end would probably be a good idea, too.

The Gift of Chores
Let Dad relax on his special day! Take out the trash, offer to mow the lawn, do the dishes, or offer some quiet time for him to just relax.

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