Water-Wise Landscaping


Current North Ogden City Ordinances permit xeriscape and water-wise landscaping in both residential and commercial areas. It is important to note that xeriscaping does not mean “zero” landscaping. City Code 5-7 Protective Ground Cover defines ground covering landscaping as:

“A landscaping technique which utilizes a variation of plants, grass, shrubs, trees, mulch, underlayment, rocks, and other similar natural and manmade components as determined by the building official, which are used to control weeds, erosion, dust, runoff, and other nuisances from harming neighboring property owners. Protective ground cover shall be a conscious effort through planning, designing, and cultivation of the property. Allowing the natural growth of any plant variety which takes root does not qualify as protective ground cover. Natural landscaping is allowed when care is taken to remove nonnative species of plants. It shall be unlawful for the owner or occupant of any real property to allow to grow on such property any noxious weeds or other noxious vegetable growth as determined by the Utah noxious weed act or Weber County health department to be especially injurious to public health, crops, livestock, land, or other property.”

The city is doing its part to be responsive to the ongoing drought conditions. We encourage our residents and business owners to delay installation of new landscaping due to the shortened watering season from our irrigation partners.

Our regional partners have resources for those who would like to learn more about water conservation and landscaping that works best for our unique climate. For an in-person look at various water-wise landscaping, look to Weber Basin Water Conservancy District’s Learning Garden located at 2837 East Highway 193 Layton, UT. If you have any questions about landscaping on your property, please contact Scott Hess, Planning Director, at 801-737-9841.

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