2463 North Fruitland Drive
North Ogden, UT

William Nathan & Iva Bailey

The Barkers, William Nathan (1883-1957) and Iva Bailey (1890-1984) had a sturdy home constructed in 1909 by Will Ellis and Welcome Campbell.  The kitchen in the home featured a large black wood stove with chrome trim that was kept shining bright by Iva.  Two large bins were built-in to hold flour and sugar.  The home originally had no indoor plumbing or heating.  Part of the basement was utilized as an egg incubator, with an area used to candle eggs for market.  A sink on the back porch was used to prepare chickens to be taken to the Hermitage Restaurant in Ogden Canyon.  The back porch was also where the washing machine was operated by a hired man that agitated the clothes before electricity was available.  In 1924 the back porch was divided to make a bedroom for the couple‚Äôs young boys.  Welcome additions to the home were indoor plumbing, electricity, and a telephone. 

The home and egg farm were passed down to their son Ray and Fern Barker.  The home remains in the family, with ownership now passed on to Ryan Barker. 

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