Volunteers Needed

The North Ogden Police Department is looking for civic-minded volunteers interested in assisting with several community-oriented services provided by the department.

Tri-City Youth Court: The Tri-City Youth Court is seeking an adult administrator. The youth court is a diversionary court for youth without prior charges or major offenses, and is designed to correct behavior without referral to the state courts. Participating youth must admit to the charges filed prior to acceptance into youth court, and they and their parent or guardian must agree to accept the consequences imposed by the youth court. The youth court is a youth-run program consisting of junior high and high school students, and those referred to the court will truly be judged by a court of their peers. The adult administrator will assist the youth court team and attendees as needed.

Volunteers in Police Service: North Ogden has had a Volunteers in Police Service (V.I.P.S.) team since 2010. These volunteers assist the police department by performing security checks of area businesses, schools and parks as well as assist with extra patrols of vacationing residences and other areas of the city as needed. They also assist with traffic control and other non-emergency duties during parades, races and other special events.

Crime Victim Advocate: The North Ogden Police Department recently applied for a grant to provide advocacy services to victims of crime in North Ogden. If awarded the grant, the program will involve volunteer advocates to assist crime victims through the legal process and direct them to resources available to aid in their recovery.

Residents interested in volunteering for any of these programs are encouraged to contact the North Ogden Police Department, 801-782-7219, Monday-Friday between 8 AM-5 PM.

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