Valley Glass

A company that puts people first and is devoted to doing good in the neighborhood.

When Sonny Thompson was a young boy he knew Jerry Naylor, in fact, he was his scout master. When Sonny got to working age he started working for Jerry who owned and operated Valley Glass. He was so impressed with Jerry, a man who was a sheep rancher and had built one of the largest glass companies in Northern Utah. Sonny still works with his son Mark who today runs Valley Glass. These men are Sonny’s mentors and are powerful men in his life. The thing that Sonny loves most about both Jerry and Mark is that they are men who choose to put people first. They have never been the type of business men who put profit first.

Sonny heard about two people who were struggling with cancer and wanted to help. He approached Mark and told him that he was going to do a fundraiser for these two deserving folks through his cattle ranch, Thompson Ranches.

Mark wanted to get involved too and offered to allow Sonny to reach out to each of their five store managers to see if they would like to help as well. Each store contributed and raised money for these folks. It is one of those moments for Sonny that you can tell galvanized his love and respect for his employer Valley Glass and the type of men and women who run the company. Thank you to Valley Glass and Thompson Ranches for your excellent work and your devotion to doing good in the neighborhood.

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