Utahscapes Retaining Wall Systems

Anywhere you stand near the Wasatch Mountains, you’re probably on a hill. Because of the terrain, many of our homes and yards are being supported by retaining walls. The higher they are, the more important it is that their structure is solid.

The Utah Retaining Wall systems are great products that can be used to create beautiful retaining walls of all sizes. They can be built up to 80-feet high. Even YOUR hill isn’t that tall. The system is a network of panels that lock into the soil, and the structure is strong enough that a road can be built behind it. So, this panel system handles any residential application with ease; and it’s available at pricing comparable to traditional rock walls.

For the creative landscape designer, the panels can be installed in virtually any shape. You can have curves, corners, or any shape you want. This is possible because each panel is stable on its own and independent from the others. The panels come in a different textures and colors or can be stained after installation.

A wall built from these panels will require much less maintenance because the gaps between the panels are very small and don’t let soil or weeds come through.

This system allows you to create a flower bed along the top of the wall, so you can integrate your plants into the structure. You can also create ledges to make wall gardens. Either of these options look amazing.

Another exciting feature of this system is that you can install a fence right at the wall, which gives you the largest possible yard space. Support posts can be placed right behind the panels. Traditional rock retaining walls can take up to 3 or 4 feet of a yard, so the panel system can really help you maximize your space.

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