Utah Rock Walls

We all love living near the mountains, but there are some unavoidable side-effects: rocks and hills. Utah is well-stocked with both, and this causes some challenges to the landscaping around our homes. Do you live on a hill? If you do, chances are you already have — or need — some kind of rock or retaining wall. The walls above and below our homes are keeping the soil and, consequently, our homes in place. And with recent events, stability is on everyone’s mind.

Natural stone walls are beautiful and flow seamlessly into the surrounding terrain. They are common in all our neighborhoods. Rock walls do a great job and, if built correctly, last a long time. They are made by stacking large, heavy boulders. Here in our area, there are lots of different options for size, color, and shape of rock.

It’s very important that a rock wall be built correctly. Not everyone who builds rock walls builds them right. Installing correct drainage is essential. If this step is skipped, then water can wash the soil out through the wall, which creates a void behind the rocks. Sooner or later, that will cause a weakness or even failure of the wall. You can check your own wall for problems by examining the spaces between the rocks. How far back do they go? If you discover spaces back there, it’s time to get the wall checked. A proper installation will include a barrier to keep the soil from coming through the cracks and gravel to allow drainage. It’s worth the time and effort to make sure your wall is solid; it can be a beautiful feature for many years to come.

If you have concerns about your existing wall, UtahScapes offers a free inspection. For those who need a new rock wall, UtahScapes loves to consult and create a beautiful design, which you can watch come to life as their talented installers work. Check out their walls at http://www.UtahRockWalls.com

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