Utah furniture Direct

This local business focuses on giving its customers brand names for less.

The great American entrepreneur is defined by several things. One of the most valuable is his ability to see an opportunity in doing things differently. Often, said entrepreneurs can solve issues that bigger companies are unwilling or unable to solve because they are smaller and more agile companies with much smaller expenses. Utah Furniture Direct was born out of such an opportunity. For the past 14 years, they have focused on delivering the best furniture brands for less. Our local North Ogden Furniture store features and has access to the top furniture brands in the world and offers them for 15% – 30% less. They feature; Ashley, Bench Craft, Enso, Intercon, Klaussner, Serta, and Simmons.

Roger Magana is the General Manager for the store and says he often hears people who have come from one of the big stores and then they see the same couch, beds or furniture at significantly lower prices at Utah Furniture Direct. fourteen years ago, a mission was envisioned by the owners; they saw how much the markup was in traditional stores and decided to be the alternative. Knowing that quality counts in furniture, they still wanted to offer the same brands as the big stores, but at lower prices.

When you walk into their store on 2600 N behind 7-Eleven, it has a hometown feeling. You will see about 20 couches, 5 beds and a handful of other furniture and in another room, you will see several other beds, dresser, and bunk beds. They are able to keep their overhead low by keeping this low profile and they pass the savings on to their customers. One of Roger’s favorite things to do is to help a customer who has gone to a big furniture store find the exact same couch or mattress for significantly less. In fact, sometimes the customer will wonder if it is a knockoff from the name brand and the answer is “No.” These are the exact same brands that you will find at the expensive stores.

Another cool feature about Utah Furniture Direct is that they can get delivery of items quite quickly, so if there is a color or version that they don’t have in stock, they can get exactly what you want. In fact, you can even write down the brand and take a picture of a piece of furniture you see in another store and bring it, and they will more than likely be able to find that piece and have it brought in for you. They have customers come from all over the Wasatch Front because of this ability. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and a young man was finishing up an order. He was from Spanish Fork. I was surprised that he would travel that far and he said. “I know what I like and these guys will look it up and find it and order exactly what I want, plus they are cheaper.”

Sometimes a little hard to see, they are behind 7-Eleven where Snap Fitness used to be, and worth a drop-by to visit. They have been a supporter of the magazine since December of last year and we have appreciated all of their support. We also purchased a beautiful couch from them 2 months ago, since ours was a hand-me-down that was on its last leg. We love it and are grateful that Utah Furniture Direct is part of our community.


Business: Furniture store

Address: 428 E 2600 N

Phone: 801-731-7546


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