Utah Furniture Direct UPDATE

Utah Furniture Direct is closing their doors in North Ogden. Our neighborhood furniture store is having a huge selloff of all inventory, both in store and at their warehouse. The store has been in our community for five years but is closing its doors at the end of June or whenever everything is gone.

The store has been a great addition to our community where it has offered name-brand furniture at discount prices. The good news is that the company is not going out of business; rather they are just unable to keep this location open at this time.

As we look to the future, the road in front of their store will soon go under construction which will be challenging for the businesses along 2600. With that challenge looming and the need for more room, Utah Furniture Direct decided to find a new location. They opened their new store last year on 12th and Washington near Vasa Fitness. Nearly double the space and centrally located, the store has been off to a successful start while selling both contemporary and classic styles for the bedroom, kitchen and family room. Furniture Direct’s goal has always been to offer the same brand names as the big box stores but for a discounted price.

The goal is to sell everything they have in the next six weeks or sooner. This selloff will be accompanied by huge discounts and clearance pricing. It will include everything on display at their North Ogden Location as well as everything they have in storage at a nearby warehouse. Discounts will also be available at their other store on 12th Street, too, so you could head to the other store to see more options if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Mattresses will be cleared out with discounts starting at 50% off. Couches and Sectionals are all to be liquidated as everything must go. We recommend stopping by as soon as you can, so you have the best selection because once items are gone, they are gone.

We will miss having a local furniture store just down the street, but this could be a good opportunity to catch a great deal on those furniture items you have been thinking about.

Remember to stop by as soon as you can since the inventory is limited and the best deals will sell fast.

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