United Way of Northern Utah: The 211 Hotline


At United Way of Northern Utah, thousands of volunteers engage with us through our Welcome Baby (home visitation) and AEIOU (tutoring) programs. Together with United Ways of Utah, we maintain a resource hotline (Utah 211) that connects families in need to agencies that can help during this difficult time. We also have a strong relationship with dozens of community nonprofits who are working to provide relief every day. We serve nine area schools through our Community School program that helps students in need so they can focus on learning. Through our Community Coronavirus Fund and grants, we help our community stay strong during the pandemic.

• 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember, three-digit phone number that brings people and services together.
• 2-1-1 is for everyone.
• 2-1-1 is confidential and free.
• 2-1-1 is an invaluable resource in the aftermath of a disaster.
• 2-1-1 is the number to call to give help or get help.
• 2-1-1 provides ongoing data collection to provide sophisticated diagnosis of the needs of specific communities, like ours. United Way of Northern Utah studies the data and works with organizations to fill gaps in services.

As a community nonprofit committed to caring, we reach out to people in need every day, and we are so impressed with the generosity of people who give their time and money, even when they may be struggling themselves.

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