Unique Wood Carvings

If you’ve taken a drive on 2600 N, you might have seen the unique wood carvings that stand watch over the street.

Fed up with the constant pine needles and cones that littered her yard, North Ogden resident Evonne Florence thought it would be fun to have the four pine trees in her front yard cut down and replaced with wood carvings. Two of the carvings feature animals and are positioned front and center. One of them features an owl and raccoons while the other sports a squirrel and a few bears.

These carvings stem from a growing form of art known as chainsaw carving, combining the usage of a chainsaw and the art form of woodcarving. The internet has caused it to grow considerably and competitions are held worldwide.

Originally wanting them all to be bears, Florence changed her mind when she got online and found out just what skilled carvers could do. Jim Valentine, an experienced chainsaw carver, is responsible for these specific carvings. He made the designs himself and brought them to life.

There is an additional carving of a gnome house in the backyard garden, as well as a tree that has been cut down but has not been carved out yet. Florence hopes to add another bear carving to the collection by autumn of this year.

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