Traeger Tips from The Grill King

Hey there, Folks. I’m Mike Child from North Ogden Ace Hardware, and this month, I’ve been asked to introduce you to Traeger grills! I can’t think of a better time to talk grills than right now. We have been locked up since mid-March, and now the weather is starting to warm up and, well, maybe…. you received a nice tax return or are looking for a good way to spend your stimulus money. So, let’s talk shop.

A Traeger uses all-natural hardwood pellets that are moved from the hopper to the fire pot by an auger, where they’re ignited by the HotRod to feed the flames and add delicious wood-fired flavor to your food. A fan circulates heat and smoke for even, consistent cooking, and a drip tray keeps flames off your food and prevents flare-ups. It’s all operated by a controller that maintains precise temperature so you can spend more time with the people who matter most and less time watching the grill. Think of it like an outdoor crockpot. Another thing that is super cool is most Traeger grills come with WIFIRE® technology. So, you can be at work or sitting in church and check on your meat temperature, grill temperature, and adjust the temperature if needed.

Mike’s BBQ Tips

  • Find a good butcher shop; I’d suggest buying USDA prime cuts. It’s a bit more
    money but the quality and taste you get from it will be well worth it.
  • There is really no wrong way to BBQ; many people who barbecue have different
    opinions. Find what you like and go with it.
  • YouTube is filled with great content from many professionals, amateurs, and
    beginners. Never stop trying new things.

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