Total Protection Inc.

Family business owner Steve Lin provides a peace of mind, and state of the art technology with his security alarm company.

Steve Lin has heard of every horror story in the security alarm industry. From systems that didn’t do what they were supposed to do to salesmen who were pushy and only out for themselves that oversold what their company could do. Since 2015, Steve has been the Director of Total Protection Inc. after it was purchased by Master Electrical Service.

The company is run as a family business and is marketed solely by word of mouth and the work of their employees (and a few ads in this magazine). They choose not to hire summer door-to-door sales people because they want to build strong relationships with their clients. Steve has always felt that there was a conflict of interest between a commission-only sales person and the client based on what the client needs verses what the salesman wants to sell. He also knows that a generic one- size fits all approach to alarm systems is not the best way to protect property and people.

Total Protections specializes in commercial and personal property protection. Most of their clients are home owners who want the best technology in the business to help them keep an eye on their belongings for a great price. Today, alarm systems are much more than just protecting things and notifying authorities when a break-in occurs. This is still one of the main functions, but the systems are much smarter and can help with much more now.

For one, the technology now has facial recognition software built in so it can learn who family and friends are as they approach the door. If someone strange approaches, it notifies the monitoring center and they can watch to see what the stranger is doing.

If they need to, they can even notify the home owner or authorities depending on what the person is up to. This can help prevent crimes before they happen. The great thing is it is all happening behind the scenes, so it is not a hassle to the homeowner. If it is just the UPS man, then no notification is needed, and the homeowner is not bothered.

Systems are also much more capable than the previous motion/ break-in detecting systems. Total Protections systems can detect fire, CO2, flood (even water heater breaks) or water damage. They can put sensors on the gate to your backyard so you don’t have any unwanted intruders there. They even have alarms that can alert you or a family member if your stove or BBQ has been running for too long. They can also provide personal medical devices so elderly family can get help if they fall or need medical help. The systems also have active WIFI connection but also use a built-in cellular connection in case of a problem with the WIFI.

Steve told me that his prices are great because they don’t pay a commission and he keeps the operations lean and mean. He recommends that people buy their alarm system from a specialized alarm company rather than from the cable company or another company that does it as an add-on side service. Here, the quality of the service will be better from a specialty company and his company at least focuses on having the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Today, security is much more than protecting things; it is involved in protecting your life and those that you love. Total Protection Inc. is a locally owned and operated specialty alarm company that takes pride in making your life more secure. We recommend giving them a call for a custom security analysis and quote.

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