Tips for a Green Thumb this Summer

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Soil composition and watering needs are two of the most important aspects of gardening regardless of whether you are planting flowers, trees, shrubs or vegetables. Soil in Northern Utah is high in mineral content but lacks the organic matter that creates rich growing conditions. You have to prep the soil by adding compost if you want your plants to thrive. Lomond View Nursery carries several bulk and bagged products that will increase your chance for success, including Soil Prep and Fertimulch.

Another trick to growing healthy plants is to avoid overwatering. This can be a delicate balance because some plants require more water than others. When planting, group plants by watering needs. If you’re going to use a sprinkler, adjust it for the plants with the lowest water demands, then give more water to the others by hand.

Also, cooler days mean less frequent watering, hotter days mean more frequent watering. Check your plants on a regular basis. If you’re ever wondering if they need more water, stick your finger an inch or two into the soil. If it’s moist, don’t water; if it’s dry, water it. Roots need water and oxygen, and keeping the soil moist all the time can lead to problems. If you’re growing plants in a hanging basket or a pot, they’re going to need to be watered more often. Water hanging baskets every other day if it’s cooler or every day if it’s hot and dry outside.

Growing Produce

The best vegetables to grow are the ones you’re going to eat. May is the optimal time to start planting warm weather plants like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn, or melons that can’t endure a frost. Watch the weather and cover your plants if the temperature is going to dip into the low 40s or high 30’s.

Why Buying From Lomond View Nursery is a Good Idea:

Lomond View Nursery has been a local, family-owned, full-service nursery for more than 30 years. They only sell plants that are known to do well in North Ogden and Pleasant View’s unique climate and soil. They have plenty of experience to help everyone in the area find success with their plants.

Lomond View Nursery has recently adapted the way they’re doing business by offering curbside pickup, delivery, and providing customers with a way to pay outside. There are psychological, emotional and physical benefits that people get from being out in their yard and growing plants. Lomond View Nursery wants people to feel comfortable, take their plants home, and enjoy the benefits of them.

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