The Weber Warriors

The Weber Warriors are back in session and we are excited about another great year of sports, dramatic performances and outstanding academics. This is a great time to highlight some of the storied history of Weber High. Weber County approved a $300,000 bond to build a county High School in 1926. Construction began and classes were even held in 1926 even though the building was still under construction to be completed in 1927. The building was expanded in 1953 adding a south wing. The old Weber High was no longer used as a school after 1972 when the current Weber High was completed. The Old Weber High was demolished in the mid 1980’s.


Inthe 1956 yearbook it was written: “Our School Hymn was written in 1946 entirely by accident! Mr. Eugene Reid wrote lyrics to “The Kansas Song” as an example for his creative music class. Realizing the inspiration and beauty of the words, Marilyn Belnap made arrangements for piano and trumpets. As the song was played and sung before the student body, they grew to love the spirit and the respect it expressed. The original arrangement for piano and trumpets is still played at senior graduation in order that each outgoing student will carry forever, a clear and beautiful memory of “Good old Weber.”

Good old Weber, Grand old Weber

To the skies we’ll sing your praise

We’ll defend your honor

While hearts are filled with pride

Your sons and daughters are forever by your side.

Good old Weber, Grand old Weber

Here’s a toast to you:

Of all the schools in this broad, spacious land

Weber, there’s only you.

Nancy Olsen attended Weber High on Washington and 12th street in the mid1950s and graduated in the class of 1958. She talked about the bus ride, the pep club, football games, beloved teachers (Mr. Graves) and principals (Mr. Metcalf & Mr. Glen Ward). She remembers that girls could only wear skirts. In remembering school, she noted that most things are very similar; the biggest difference is the technology. Students relied on libraries to get their information for various reports or class projects and a telephone was in the office if a need to call home arose. It was connected to the wall. Today the library and the phone are in everyone’s pockets.

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