Arriving in North Ogden was a long time coming for Edward Davis Wade

From marching in the Mormon Batallion, striking gold in California, to sharing food and memories with neighbors.

Edward Davis Wade and his father Moses Wade joined the 500 Mormon men who answered the call of the United States Government to go fight against Mexico. While marching across state lines, his father used his understanding of herbs and other native foods to help heal the sick men and horses in their company. The Mormon Battalion march was the longest infantry march ever made in the history of the United States Military and they covered approximately 1,850 miles.  Through their efforts, the boundary between Mexico and the United States was settled and the California Territory became part of the United States. They marched to San Diego Fort and were discharged in 1847.

Edward and Moses were anxious to go to Utah to find their families, but Brigham Young, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, instructed them to stay in California and find work. They prospected and eventually struck gold when they worked at Sutter’s Fort.

Later on, Edward settled in North Ogden with his family. He acquired a good piece of land that is now owned by the White Barn Golf Company and built homes for each of his wives. He also built a good barn and shed for the animals and planted crops on the fertile soil. There was plenty of water supplied by springs and pond and he purchased sheep, cattle, goats and pigs with some of the gold he brought from California. He also planted orchards of peaches, apples, pears and cherries.  

His home was a social center. Friends were always welcome and strangers were never turned away. The families played rugby and baseball in the summer and skated over the frozen ponds in the winter.

Edward Davis was active in church and civic affairs and he helped build roads, canals, a church, and a school. He was generous with his means and was always ready to assist neighbors and new comers. He was known as an honest God fearing man who set a good example for his sons to follow.

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