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The Science Behind the Beauty

A three-part series by Mountain Springs Esthetix

The 21st century has made incredible leaps and bounds. The last century saw mankind go from horse and buggy to the automobile, from mountains to the moon, and from high death rates to penicillin. We live longer, drive further and faster, and enjoy more leisure than most societies in history. That leisure often translates to sun exposure, and sun exposure ages our skin; it loses its elasticity and resiliency. The glow fades, and the wrinkles move in. And lest we forget, time has its own way with our skin. By the age of 30, our collagen production, one of the most plentiful proteins in our body, begins to slow. That means the nice firmness we enjoyed in our youth begins to slump, leaving our skin unsupported and less resilient with more wrinkles. There is nothing wrong with wrinkles. They are a natural progression of sun and time damage. Our ancestors all dealt with them, BUT it is the 21st century, and there isn’t anything wrong with diminishing wrinkles and sun damage either.

Some of us just skip to the end and delight in the “before and afters,” looking forward to our own results, but let’s talk about how these results happen. Remember collagen? Ah, yes, the cushion of our skin. The same one that gets beat up by time and sun. There are some interesting ways to replace good old collagen— injections, creams, diets, and magic. Some of them work, but if we could stimulate the body to grow more collagen, that would be more natural, last longer, and look better, right? That’s what radiofrequency therapy does! It stimulates the body to grow long-lasting collagen. That, in turn, plumps up the skin, reducing sag, laxity, and wrinkles. Since it’s a stimulation of a natural protein, it takes several visits to build on the growth, and then once the rejuvenation has settled, it only takes a visit or two each year to maintain it! Injections? No. Lots of counsel to use sunscreen and reduce the sun’s punch? YES! Any toxins? Nope. Finally lost those last 10 pounds, but the pooch persists? The scale says one thing but the arms say another? When this energy is used more deeply, it can help shape and reduce the stubborn fat cells that persist in the arms, face, stomach, and back.

The largest organ is the skin, so wherever there’s depleted collagen, blemishes, lax skin, or sun damage, that’s where Mountain Springs Esthetix can help refresh, rejuvenate, and return your skins natural glow.

Mountain Springs Esthetix is proud to be the first to introduce the Viora to Ogden and the surrounding communities. They are even more excited that it’s right here in North Ogden. It is nestled right inside Dr. Ray Garner’s Mountain Springs Dental office in the same space that Dr. Favero, of Favero Chiropractics, used to occupy before moving downstairs to his new facility. As a medspa, Mountain Springs Esthetix focuses exclusively on skin rejuvenation without needles, injections, or invasive surgeries. They use the innovative technologies of Viora to stimulate new collagen and erase sun damage. Additionally, the technology has a great impact on rosacea, acne, acne scarring, and even on long lasting hair removal.

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