The Proposed North Ogden Public Safety Building

Security and evidence storage are two key components driving the need for an upgraded Public Safety Building for the community of North Ogden City. Many people have asked why a facility is necessary now. For many years, our current building has served our needs, but certain safety issues have pressed the city to seriously consider a long list of safety upgrades. Over the past few years, the city council has discussed what should be included in the new Public Safety Building.

The new facility will have secure separation between civilian staff and the Investigation and Patrol Divisions. Occasionally, the officers are dealing with an individual who has the potential of becoming violent towards officers or other community members. The added separations will help protect everyone involved when tension is high.

Other examples of enhanced security include a secure emergency vestibule at the public entrance for after-hours use. If citizens are in fear of their safety, they can enter the vestibule which will lock behind them and they will be immediately connected to a 911 dispatcher. Also, a secure parking area will keep police vehicles from being tampered with, while also allowing your officers to travel to and from their vehicles within a secure parking area. There will also be a secure port for the loading and unloading of detainees that will keep your officers and the detainees safe.

Additionally, the courtroom will be updated to meet all the current safety and operating mandates set by the state, including a better screening process at the entrance of the court. The judge and the clerks will have a place to retreat if ever confronted with a threat. There will be places for attorneys to meet with their clients safely and privately. There will be a place for victims and witnesses to enter, exit, and wait without worrying about coming in close contact with the individual who may have harmed them.

In addition to increased security in the new facility, there are currently limitations for evidence storage for past cases and new cases that will be addressed. The city has put significant effort into managing and maintaining evidence for the various police cases handled by our fine officers each day. Enhanced evidence facilities will help keep the city compliant with the expectations of modern criminal prosecutions.

When this building is constructed, there is no question that it will be a huge investment for the community into the safety of your officers and community. We encourage residents to get involved and let their voices be heard concerning this investment into the North Ogden community. The city council will be discussing the plans regularly over the next couple months. The best way to get involved is to watch the meetings and email the council at

The report found here is helpful in explaining the concerns, evaluations, and conceptual ideas going into the new facility.

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