The Pop Stop

Husband and wife team, Keli and Mike Anderson, are expert drink makers!

Keli and Mike will soon be on the road with their soda truck that includes fresh-baked cookies!


Wife and mother, Keli Anderson, added a new title in 2021: soda shop owner. Previously, she’d been a photographer. She has four children with her husband, Mike. Now, they run the Pop Stop on 325 East 2000 North in North Ogden.

The syrups they use in the drinks are all made from scratch.

It’s been around for just over a year now. Keli purposefully opened it in her own hometown to share her own love for soda. Her own dad was an expert at making Grape Lime Rickeys. Now, the tradition lives on through the business that her family operates. It begins with the syrups, which are handcrafted from scratch. They start with real ingredients, including fruit and genuine sugar. That means the flavors are natural but also sweet. There are ten varieties. Vanilla is shipped in directly from Mexico, which totes the richest vanilla in the world. Despite its blue color, their curaçao syrup has real juices from oranges and lemons and a dash of cinnamon. These syrups can be added to your favorite soda, diet or otherwise, caffeinated or not. The Pop Stop even has light and regular lemonade or simple soda water. Next came the perfecting of their sugar cookie, which they replicate, freshly baked, every day. Keli utilized her pandemic lockdown time to craft the perfect recipe, with the help of her neighbors’ taste-testing. Whenever you visit, you can taste the freshest iteration of the results of weeks in her house. This month, to celebrate Easter, the monthly cookie features a robin egg with coconut. People visit the Pop Stop once and keep coming back for more. Not only do the natural and quality ingredients across their drinks and baked goods keep people coming back, but also the friendly customer service. Soda brought the Anderson’s together, and they work every day to recreate that sentiment for anyone who comes in. Be sure to follow @ popstopsodas on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as they take their shop on the road via their soon-to-be soda truck. For now, they cater their fresh-baked cookies, and, in the future, they’ll be able to cater their entire soda menu too.

Their monthly cookie for April is a sugar cookie with robin’s egg for Easter

Soda Shop
325 E 2000 N #2, North
Ogden, UT 84414
(801) 829-1455

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