The official election results will be posted on Nov. 22

City Council members Jim Urry and Lynn Satterthwaite did not run for reelection in 2017. Two seats will be filled after the city gets the official results on Nov. 22. The unofficial results as of Nov. 7 have Blake D. Cevering winning 30.66% of the votes, Sara L. Fawson close behind with 29.16%, Julie Anderson with 20.10%, and Ryan Barker with 20.07%. Brent Taylor ran unopposed to be reelected as Mayor of North Ogden City. The newly elected City Council members will begin their terms in January.

How Weber County counts votes accurately


Annette Spendlove, the election official, said they have to look through the ballots for errors. They will not count the votes on ballots that have errors. She said, “Sometimes we get ballots that weren’t put in envelopes or the signatures don’t match… Other times the envelopes are post marked past the deadline. These are considered spoiled ballots.” Spendlove said they also get people who drop off their ballots without the envelope.

According to there is information on the envelope that ensures voters don’t vote more than once.  Unsigned envelopes or the signatures that do not match the voter’s record are the most common reason that ballots are rejected. If ballots are rejected, voters will be notified and given instruction on how to correct the issue.

Spendlove also said they have to make sure “the number of votes cast match the number of ballots received.” This process is known as canvassing.


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