The King of the Grill

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While burgers, dogs, brats, and chicken occupy most grills through the summer, the undisputed “King of the Grill” is the steak for most backyard chefs.

The latest technique for this delicious piece of meat is the reverse sear: a simple process where the steak is typically smoked at low temperature to infuse incredible flavor and then seared at high temperature to finish and add that crust most folks associate with grilled steak, unlike the typical method where high heat is used the entire time. The advantage to a reverse seared steak is flavor from the smoke and better control of the finish temperature on the steak. Achieving the perfect finish temperature on a steak is a challenge that many struggle to master. The advantage to cooking with a pellet grill, aside from the incredible flavor from the wood pellets, is better temperature control. A good instant-read thermometer or the built-in probe available with the Green Mountain Grills is the quick secret to perfectly cooked steaks. Long gone are the days of slicing into the meat while it’s still on the grill and losing all that delicious juice and moisture, just to determine its doneness.

While I’ve never been known to turn down any good cut of meat, my favorite steak is a ribeye. Literally cut from the same piece that is used for prime rib, the ribeye steak is full of juicy flavor that, in my opinion, is unmatched by any other steak. A good steak properly cooked doesn’t require steak sauce or anything else to satisfy my taste buds. I seldom season with anything but salt and pepper. As a spice snob, I feel only fresh-cracked pepper from a mill and good quality sea salt will do.

The most important key to a steak cooked to perfection is use of a quality temperature probe or thermometer, as mentioned before. Always cook to temp, not to time.

If you haven’t tried the reverse sear on your steak, give it a try. You might just have a new favorite technique.

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King Steak

Steak of your choice.
Salt (sea salt or Real Salt from Redmond Utah; these salts require less amounts and bring more flavor)
Fresh-cracked black pepper or the seasoning of your choice

Set grill to 250 degrees for first part of cook.
Cook steaks at 250 for 45-60 minutes.
If your grill will reach at least 500 degrees, crank it up; if not, a cast iron pan or griddle in oven or on stove top will do.
Cook at 500 degrees, flipping once, to desired temp.


Rare 125
Medium Rare 135
Medium 145
Medium Well 150
Well Done 160
USDA recommends beef be cooked to 145 degrees and rested for 3 minutes.

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