The Diamond Room

Kenneth Cassar, owner, loves telling the story of life through jewelry.

The Diamond Room on 25th Street is a cozy, friendly shop owned and operated by Kenneth Cassar. If you’ve ever strolled along Historic 25th street, you have probably seen Phyllis. She was created by a local artist and adds a touch of whimsy to the front window. She and her sidekick, Boris, are hard to miss or forget!  Kenneth has been at this location for four years, but he has been in the neighborhood working with fine jewelry for more than 30. He and his team have more than 75 years of combined experience. He loves what he does and it certainly shows in his warm, friendly service.

Phyllis and her dog Boris are stationed in the window of the Diamond Room.

Kenneth loves jewelry, and most of us feel the same. There is something rare and special about the polished metal and glittering stones. They fascinate us and draw us in for a closer look. The inventory at The Diamond Room is especially compelling since nearly every piece they carry is completely unique. The selection includes jewelry made from uncut diamonds, Alaskan gold nuggets, turquoise and a wealth of colored gemstones. Their spectacular birthstone jewelry explores different shapes and textures set in dramatic styles. They are anything but generic styles filled with different colored stones. The best piece of jewelry is one that demands that you look at it at least twice, and these demanded more than that!

Kenneth loves telling the story of life through jewelry. He thrives on the artistic outlet: creating something new, something special, beautiful and one-of-a-kind. He can create a new concept from scratch, something as unique as the people it has been designed for. His passion for jewelry is founded on that love for creative expression.

He has loved his location right in the heart of 25th Street.  He plans to stay and has purchased the building.  This, combined with a small staff, enables him to keep his expenses lean, giving him the opportunity to offer wholesale prices, and to do what he loves: match people with jewelry.

The Diamond Room can also clean rings, replace watch batteries, size rings, and make repairs to the jewelry you already own. You can also take advantage of his experience and ask his advice on any questions you might have.

Why is Kenneth still doing this when he could have retired? “It’s the people,” he told me. “I love working with people. Every person who comes through my door shares their story with me.”  Some of his clients have been with him for four generations. Those long term friendships are the highlight of his career.

When someone wants to make a jewelry purchase, they are often motivated by a relationship. It’s the first reason people think to buy jewelry. Kenneth often begins a conversation with “Tell me how you two met.” He enjoys seeing people who fell in love once and have stayed in love for years. A diamond is a symbol of their loyalty, love and dedication to each other. Kenneth feels that his work allows him to be a part of their story.  Love is very special, and Kenneth is focused on finding the perfect symbol for that love.  

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