The Cherry on Top: Volunteers

The moment the “Major” Flag is unfurled is beautiful and majestic sight to see and the ultimate Cherry on Top.
Photo by Chad Roylance.


We want to say thank you to all of the volunteers who helped put up The “Major” Flag in Cold Water Creek Canyon in November. It is one of my favorite times of the year to look up at the beautiful mountains and see that flag waving in the wind in the beautiful canyon. It looks small from my house until you hike up there and see it, how big it is, and how difficult it must be to get something that large. It would not only be difficult to get it up there, but then to hang it so that it will not fall down no matter the weather…it is hard to truly put it into context until you’re right there.

The flag is 150 ft by 78 ft and hangs for two weeks from Halloween to Veterans Day each year. The task is headed up by the Major Brent Taylor Foundation and the Honor the Hero Foundation. They do each of us a great service by reminding us of our allegiance to our country and the sacrifice it takes to keep our freedoms. Thank you to each of you who give us this wonderful gift. We love it! Our community is blessed to have the amazing experience of that flag flying over our wonderful community.

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