The Cherry on Top: Tri-City Exchange Food Pantry


This Cherry on Top goes to the volunteers at the Tri-City Exchange Food Pantry. They are like-minded people who give of their time to make sure everyone in our communities has food on their table. They serve everyone on community days, regardless of need. If you eat, come get food. Here are a few of the people who volunteer; there are so many we just can’t list them all:

Red Dog & Jodi • Jared Larson • Chelsey Larson
Mandi Larson • Scott & Sue Wilson • Ted Dodge
Ingrid Gonzales • Sylvia Randall •Tiffany Sappington
Bruce & Lee Ann Christensen

Lee Ann Christensen said, “Over Thanksgiving, we gave out huge amounts of turkeys: hours upon hours of handing it out during all different times.” She enjoys seeing the community come together to help. The volunteers help in any way they can by working in an assembly line, stocking shelves, or cleaning. Sometimes, people are down and out, and Lee Ann loves seeing kindness and generosity as they volunteer there. “It’s so satisfying.”

Thank you to all the volunteers for sharing your kindness and generosity!

Additional help is available for those who need a hand up, have experienced a hardship or are in a bind, and those who cannot qualify for help elsewhere.

If you would like to donate or help:
2067 N. 400 E. North, Ogden
Phone: 801-505-1400


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