The Cherry on Top: Trails Foundation of Northern Utah


The Trails Foundation of Northern Utah works to educate people on trail etiquette. Kelli Barkema explained that everyone goes up to the trail to have a lovely time, but one negative interaction with someone can besiege a positive outdoor experience. In the past couple of years, trail use has skyrocketed. People turned to the trails during the pandemic, and with the traffic comes more trash and clashing of trail user groups. TFNU encourages people to follow etiquette rules and to “be nice, say hi”.

On top of trying to promote the friendly attitudes that usually exist on our trails, the TFNU works to plan, build, maintain, protect, and improve trails in the area. Recently, four new flashing trail-crossing signs have been installed along the North Ogden Divide and Skyline Trails to alert drivers to trail users. TFNU isn’t solely responsible for making it happen, but they are instrumental in working with the different organizations involved to make improvements.

Kelli said the trails are free to use, but it does cost to maintain. They are funded through grants, and the public can support them through their membership program. Connect with them on social media for more details or if you ever want to volunteer in a trail cleanup. The trails and our beautiful mountains are certainly a part of what makes North Ogden special. This Cherry on Top goes to the TFNU for making them more accessible and welcoming to existing and potential trail users!

Thank you TFNU for making our outdoors easy to use for recreation!

Connect on social media: @trailsfoundationnu


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