The Cherry on Top: Tiffany Staheli


Tiffany Staheli is the heart of the parks, recreation facilities, and events in North Ogden. As a long-time resident of North Ogden, she has been an integral part of Cherry Days for years and is always quietly working in the background to improve your experiences at events, sports, aquatics, and in the parks.

Planning for Cherry Days starts in January, and it takes many months to complete. It’s Tiffany’s organization and attention to detail that has continually resulted in an event which provides for a quality experience for those who attend, sponsor, and run Cherry Days.

If asked, she would give credit to all the other individuals who, like her, put in long hours to get ready for Cherry Days, including the Parks and Rec staff, volunteers, and sponsors. Like most great leaders, she accepts the blame while giving credit for success to others. Despite being given small budgets and short timeframes, Cherry Days has routinely been a great success and the highlight of our summers.

This year’s celebration is the 90th year of Cherry Days, and many of you may have noticed the attention to detail in everything that was celebrated. From the midway themed game area to the food, popcorn, cotton candy, children’s games, parade, and everything else were the brainchild of Tiffany and Nik. This year’s celebration is another great example of how Tiffany and her team put their hearts into everything they do to make sure we all have the type of memories that we can pass on from generation to generation. Great work, Tiffany, and those who support her.

Thank you, Tiffany and your team, for all you do to make Cherry Days amazing!


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