The Cherry on Top: The Bexells


If North Ogden has a power couple, it might just be Lynne and Terry Bexell. The Bexells have been North Ogden residents since 1978 and, in the past several years, have been a dynamically positive force in the community.

As a preteen, Lynne was chosen to be bussed to North Ogden to attend North Ogden Junior High after it was built in the late 1960s. She joined the student committee to help decide the colors and mascot for the school and says she has felt drawn to North Ogden ever since.

“When Terry and I were looking for a house, I knew I wanted to come to North Ogden. There’s a goodness to this community. When it matters, we take care of each other.”

Lynne has worked in the planning department and as an administrative assistant for North Ogden City. Lynne’s coworkers have said that she’s ambitious but in the friendliest possible way. During her time as administrative assistant, Lynne was known for tackling major projects with a big smile and very little direction.

Terry became chairman of North Ogden Economic Development Committee in 2020 after serving as an active member of the group for several years. Since then, Terry has acted as a liaison between city administrators, developers, and businesses. His goal since becoming chairman has been to encourage viable businesses to come to North Ogden. Most recently, Terry has begun a welcoming program for new businesses and has also spent many hours planning for development in the area behind Walgreen’s and America First at 2600 and Washington Boulevard.

In 2021, when a group of citizens took over the annual Cherry Days celebration and parade, Lynne and Terry were instrumental in bringing the celebration to fruition. Mark Miller, owner of North Ogden’s Brilliant Lighting and the primary organizer of the 2021 Cherry Days event, says he couldn’t have pulled it off without the Bexells. They raised money through local businesses in order to pay for the events, including the free Kiwanis breakfast. The Bexells even helped set up booths at the park and distributed fliers to homeowners on 3100 North, where the parade was held that year.

“They are a lockstep couple, and they have a way of making everyone feel accepted,” Mark Miller said.

This month’s Cherry on Top goes to the Bexells for being North Ogden’s dynamic duo and bringing a positive, progressive mindset to our community.

Thank you, Lynne and Terry, for all you do!


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