The Cherry on Top: The Atteberry’s

Thank you Gary, and Margaret, for helping the homeless community.


Gary and Margaret Atteberry became aware of their ability to help the needy when their daughter, Teresa, borrowed a truck to help move belongings of people who lived in a homeless encampment. The encampment by the health department near Salt Lake was being removed, and the city notified those living there that they needed to move their belongings. Everything left behind would be taken to the dump. Margaret started buying supplies to give to the people. Gary and Margaret wanted clothing to help the homeless, so they posted about it on Facebook and then got swamped with donations.

Since that initial project, they have shifted their focus to help locally in the Ogden area. They continue to help the homeless, collect donations, make connections with organizations, and distribute food. They have become the people who connect resources with those in need. They have turned what they’re doing into a nonprofit known as Do Good Today, and they are now an incorporated nonprofit to the state. They are in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) corporation to the federal government. Among the many things they have done, they have worked with Ogden City to help furnish apartments for 14 people who have moved in from off the street.

“It’s way beyond what we thought it would be when we started it,” said Gary. “We’re beyond our physical means. There’s so much need out there, and we’re just trying to fill a little of it. The Lord has blessed us with better health to continue what we’re doing.” They just want to do their part to get help to the people who need it most. This Cherry on Top goes to Gary and Margaret for all the good they have done, for not only our community, but the people in Northern Utah.


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