The Cherry on Top – Sarah Lansing


Sarah Lansing is a North Ogden resident who gathered information about parks and even made some of our parks in North Ogden more accessible. When she moved back to Utah from the Bay Area in California, she wanted to continue taking her two children to parks that fit their ages. Sarah wanted to find parks that were catered more towards her youngest, but she couldn’t find a comprehensive list of parks with their features, so she created a blog about all the parks in Weber County. Check out it out at if you want to learn about parks in Weber County or more specifically North Ogden.

Sarah traveled to all 84 public parks in Weber County and took pictures of the play equipment without any children on them. You can imagine that must have been pretty hard to do, especially at the popular parks. She visited some parks multiple times before she got the photos she needed for her website.

Not only has Sarah documented all the parks and listed their features and amenities, but she has worked closely with multiple cities to push for equipment that is inclusive to all abilities. The lower North Ogden playground with the ropes course, Lomond View Park, Riverdale Park, and four parks in Ogden have ADA accessible swings now, with the help of her advocacy. If you have a park you’d like to advocate for, Sarah is happy to help. This stay-at-home mom deserves “The Cherry on Top” because she saw a need and decided to fill it out of the goodness of her heart. Thank you, Sarah, for your dedication to making park information and the parks themselves more accessible to the residents in North Ogden and Weber County.


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