The Cherry on Top: Roger Shupe


Roger Shupe is an 83-year-old North Ogden resident who is a longtime participant in Kiwanis. When he retired from teaching full time and became a substitute, all the children knew him as the artist substitute who drew pictures and gave them out. As he has been taking care of his wife with Alzheimer’s, he has recently taken up painting Disney characters on old saw blades.

When saw blades get too dull to use, they usually become trash, but Roger transforms them into art. He got started by painting a mountain scene on an old, long saw blade that belonged to his wife’s grandfather. He also had some old round saw blades, and his son suggested he paint some of the cartoon characters he painted for his classes when he was a teacher.

He has donated a lot of his paintings to various schools. He painted the school mascots for each of the elementary schools in the area with animal mascots. His daughter, Colleen Shuman, said, “He was quite popular in many schools! Now he is more or less homebound, taking care of my mom who has Alzheimer’s. He has picked up this hobby as something to keep him busy, and it makes him happy.”

Thank you for sharing your talents, Roger, and for bringing a smile to so many!


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