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The Cherry on Top: Officer Rhoades

Officer Robert Rhoades

The Cherry on Top recognizes Officer Robert Rhoades, who was one of the officers who responded to a trespassing call.

Recently, officers from the North Ogden Police Department were called by Lee’s Marketplace employees, regarding a gentleman who had entered the store prior to the store opening. The individual was asked to leave, but refused to do so. The police officers on the scene thought the man may have a medical issue, so they requested assistance from paramedics. Upon arrival, the paramedics noticed that the man wore a medical bracelet which indicated that he was suffering from progressive dementia. After paramedics checked his vitals, the gentleman was released to his wife, who attempted to get him into their car. However, the gentleman refused to leave until he got a Mountain Dew, which was his initial reason for going to the store. His wife was frustrated, and didn’t quite know what to do. Suddenly, North Ogden Police Officer Rhoades showed up with a bottle of Mountain Dew! We want to thank Officer Rhoades for being kind and compassionate to this man; we are lucky to have such a fine officer working for North Ogden City.


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