The Cherry on Top: Mike and Terisa Larson

Thank you, Mike and Terisa, for helping give food to those who need it!


Mike and Terisa Larson have the spirit of giving all day long, every day of the year. They started the North Ogden Tri City Exchange in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. The Tri City Exchange gives food to people who need it and takes donations from businesses or anyone who has something to give. The two of them have spent over $1 million to keep it going, while they waited a year and a half to get state funding to run their operation. There are land and building expenses and the costs to fuel and run all their trucks for deliveries and pickups. The expenses add up. “We know how to make money, we can make money again,” said Mike.

Instead of handing people a box and sending them on their way, it is more of a grocery shopping experience to help people get what they need. The Tri City Exchange’s model and platform makes them efficient at getting food to people in need. Where most food-distributing programs are income based to qualify for assistance, theirs is open to everyone. Other organizations have reached out, and now, they are running Tri City Exchanges across the country in New York, Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Price, Utah. This Cherry on Top goes to you, Mike and Terisa. Your influence for good is going well beyond the bounds of our own community!


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