The Cherry on Top-Mark Miller


There were a lot of people who stepped up and contributed their resources to make Cherry Days happen this year, but it could not have happened without a leader to take charge. That leader was Mark Miller. North Ogden City opted out of events that are typically a part of the annual Cherry Days celebrations due to staffing shortages, among other reasons. Mark knew the residents were really looking forward to the parade and the after-parade festivities. He didn’t like that those events weren’t lined up to happen this year. He felt the community needed this kind of a celebration at this time.

Mark couldn’t make it happen on his own. He put a lot of energy into persuading the city to allow it to happen this year, and, eventually, they gave their blessing to let him take charge. The city, however, couldn’t really help. Mark organized a committee, and over 100 volunteers signed up to help. The feedback after the celebration was tremendous. This month’s Cherry on Top goes to you, Mark Miller. Thank you for contributing your determination and leadership to bring back Cherry Days in 2021!


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