The Cherry on Top: Karla Chugg


Karla Chugg has been a sales representative in North Ogden for over 20 years, and the business owners she has worked with describe her as a lifelong friend.

Gary Rands of Rands Roofing worked with Karla over many years, across many companies he advertised with, and he describes her as an advertising superstar with a heart as big as Ben Lomond.

Nathan Richey, owner of Hug-Hes Cafe agrees that she truly cares about the businesses she works with. She became a strong support system for the restaurant through the years, especially during the pandemic. Karla recently organized a donation for local veterans that Nathan was happy to participate in.

Karla began her sales career while working at Quality Quick Print in 2000. She started out at the customer service counter, but it wasn’t long before owner Bob Bell asked her if she would be interested in learning how to do sales. Bob worked with Karla to give her the knowledge and skills she needed to work outside sales, and they created a successful local advertising book called the 844 Shopper.

In 2006, she and her husband Monte teamed up and joined the Hometown Values sales team. Monte ran the business and Karla worked with clients. She found it inspiring to work with so many business owners and loved the relationships she was able to cultivate. At Hometown Values, Karla also learned to appreciate the value of communities comingtogether, and it was this inspiration that led her to help create The Besst Yet Magazine with local realtor Lindee Bess in 2017. Karla and her partner Rikki Wright helped Lindee support and promote local businesses and connect communities. The magazine ran monthly for four years but closed after the pandemic hit. Karla thoroughly enjoyed the creative ties she had and made lifelong relationships.

In 2018, Karla’s son Kirk Chugg and his lifelong friend Josh Johnson founded the Follow the Flag North Ogden group. The group’s main function was placing an enormous flag in Coldwater Canyon each Veteran’s Day, in honor of former Mayor Brent Taylor and other veterans in our community. Karla feels honored to have been part of the group from its beginnings. She sewed the giant sock to hold the flag as it is retrieved, and she now mends the flag every year after it is taken down. The group is now called the Major Brent Taylor Foundation and continues to grow and honor veterans for their service.

In February 2021 Karla underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor that would have caused severe dementia. After the operation, she had to re-learn to walk and talk. But she says it gave her a new appreciation for her life and the communities where she has lived and worked.

Karla is now enjoying retired life—she and her husband Monte will celebrate their 50th anniversary in July 2023.

Thank you, Karla, for your continued love and support for veterans and business owners in the North Ogden Community.

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