The Cherry on Top: James Hammon

Have you seen the Gold Star Monument located in front of the City Administration Office Building, between the Library and the Public Safety Building? It’s beautiful, and a great tribute to our North Ogden Gold Star families. We’ve noticed a lot of visitors at the monument. Some are dressed up in red, white and blue; others may be accompanied by their children and grandchildren, dressed in their military uniforms. Children who have come quite often with their parents have been seen running around and jumping through the cut-outs in the stone. Some people come and sit on the benches as they ponder the monument and all that it means. Most are taking pictures. It’s been a great addition to our community.

Have you ever considered how a monument is maintained? Well we hadn’t either, until one day we saw someone outside, cleaning the monument. We want to recognize James Hammon and his family for going above and beyond what would normally be expected of a Gold Star Family. James shows up, usually once a week (sometimes more) with cleaning supplies; he makes sure the monument is clean and ready for visitors. He’s the stepfather of Jared Reaves, a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard, who died of leukemia in 2019. James was instrumental in getting the monument funded and built and is also involved with the group “Follow the Flag – North Ogden,” which honors our fallen heroes. James is not the only one in the family who takes care of the monument. Quite often, he will be accompanied by his wife, Marti, or his son, 16-year old Makai, who brings his cleaning supplies on his bike all the way from home and back.

The Cherry on Top goes to James, Marti, and MaKai for making sure that our beautiful Gold Star Monument is always ready for visitors!


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