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The Cherry on Top

The North Ogden City Parks and Recreation Department oversees events, parks, recreation, and aquatics. Their team is responsible for maintaining all city parks, playgrounds, pavilions, and restrooms, ensuring that all locations are clean, sanitized, stocked, repaired following vandalism, and winterized prior to the cold months.

North Ogden City is home to 60 acres of open park space with thousands of plants, shrubs, and flowers on its public grounds. The planting, maintenance, and treatment is completed entirely by their staff. They also manage the care of hundreds of street flowers and pots throughout the city as part of the city’s beautification program. Recently, their hard-working staff put all the street flowers out as they arrived from the nursery. They will maintain these beautiful flowers throughout the season, ensuring they are healthy and cared for.

The Parks and Recreation Department’s responsibilities do not stop at the maintenance of our breathtaking parks and public grounds. They are also responsible for hosting our many community events throughout the city, installing over 1,500 strands of lights and holiday displays during the holiday season, and keeping our city’s many cul-de-sacs, parking lots, and sidewalks snow free!

The Parks and Recreation Department is one puzzle piece that makes our city what it is. Many thanks to the entire department for your hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication to North Ogden City. This Cherry on Top is for you!

Many thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department for keeping our city parks and street flowers beautiful, hosting our many community events, and everything else you do!


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