The Cherry on Top


Mike Larson is the co-owner of Advanced Armor Technology and the creator of the Tri-City Exchange, located at 2067 N Washington Blvd. It is like a small “free” grocery store set up to help people out with items that they may need. Other local businesses donate to the Tri-City Exchange, where Mike oversees the program and gets people the items they need. Tri-City Exchange was formed when the owners saw a need at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and met with the mayors of North Ogden, Pleasant View, and Harrisville, who were all in favor.

Soon, they had the support from local grocery stores and businesses to help stock the shelves, and during the first part of April, they opened their doors to anyone who needed food, toiletries, feminine products, diapers, baby formula, and much more. Anyone is welcome, no matter where you live, what your age, income, or religion.

Remember the backpacks that our city employees filled with supplies and donated to the local schools? Those were donated to us from Tri-City Exchange. You may have noticed the lines of cars on Washington Blvd. occasionally – they were lined up to receive food and supplies from Tri-City Exchange. They have been working hard helping people for months.

The Cherry on Top is Mike Larson for seeing a need and doing something about it. He remains committed to staying until the need is gone. Mike wants people to know that his philosophy is, “We are here for each other, and we need to take care of each other.” Follow them on their Facebook page:


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