The Cherry on Top

Justin keeps the North Shore Aquatic Center in top shape all year around. Thank you, Justin!


Many water-loving North Ogden residents will have no trouble recognizing this fun-loving, hard-working individual. This is Justin Rasmussen, and he is the North Shore Aquatic Center Manager.

Justin works tirelessly year-round to keep the Aquatic center in top shape, and he excels at his duties. He worked very hard this summer and did an amazing job at the aquatic center keeping everyone safe. He is such an asset to the North Ogden Parks and Recreation Department that he received employee of the year.

This week, the Cherry on Top goes to Justin for not only doing good work at the aquatic center, but for his willingness to always help others. Some residents may recognize him as the Fright Night social distance surfer. He played a critical role in the success of this year’s Halloween Fright Night event and regularly helps with every other department. Congratulations to Justin Rasmussen for earning employee of the year and this week’s Cherry on Top.


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