The Cannery Center North Ogden

The Cannery Building in North Ogden was built in 1901. Originally a canning facility that involved canning crops from local farms like, sugar peas, green beans, apricots, peaches, pie cherry’s, tomatoes, catsup and many others.

Canning Factory 1930’s

James Enoch Randall, A. L. Brewer and a number of neighbors united to organize a canning factory realizing the need for a better way to market and distribute the surplus fruits and vegetables, North Ogden farms produced. The North Ogden Canning Company was born and the company played a major role in the economic success of North Ogden. The area was covered in farms and orchards which provided many families with their way of life. Farmers would bring their fruits and vegetables to the canning company for processing and shipping. By these means, the goods could reach customers far away from the bounty of North Ogden. (Fun Fact: James Randall’s wife is Naomi W. Randall the author of the famous LDS Hymn “I am a Child of God.”)

Lloyd Searle purchased the building in 1970 for his business, Lloyd’s Heating and Air.  Lloyd rented space to a variety of businesses. Sharlene remembers: Henry’s Auto, a ceramics studio, Heiners Dance Studio, an art gallery, Custom Accent Draperies, The Turning Post, there was a spook alley at one time, and a pizza place. In 1994 Lloyd sold his HVAC business and Shawn Maynard was hired as the manager. Shawn also managed more and more of the building as Lloyd grew towards retirement.


Canning Factory

“Knowing that the building was in desperate need of repairs, and could possibly fall victim to eminent domain and demolition, we made an offer to Lloyd to purchase the building.” said Maynard. In 2003 Shawn and his wife Sharlene started remodeling.  The old auto repair bay was cleaned, resurfaced and turned into the largest hot tub showroom in Utah. Offices were built upstairs and the new Cannery Retail Center was born. The Cannery Boutique opened in 2006 and Great Harvest Bread joined the same year. 

“So many businesses have been in and out of this space over the years, building addition after addition, until it became a maze,” Sharlene said. “We wanted to bring the Cannery all the way back to its former glory.  With help from our son Terran, we have returned it to the original warehouse feel and added some contemporary styling that compliments the historic nature of the building.”

Current Front Entrance

The Cannery is home to Bullfrog Spas of Northern Utah. Bullfrog Spas® are premium hot tubs designed to provide a peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home. Engineered with an ultra-efficient patented technology called the JetPak Therapy System™, this is the only hot tub that can be completely personalized to fit your unique body and lifestyle.

The Cannery Boutique is home to a variety of unique items sold by local artisans, helping you find the perfect gift or item to make your house feel more like home. Featuring beautiful options in clothing, gifts and decorations.

New Interior Design

The Cannery also houses several other businesses. Outside is The Pet Chalet Boarding and Grooming and Great Harvest Bread. Inside you will find Rejuvenation Massage and Yoga, Shine Beauty Hair and Nails, Permanent Makeup Ogden, Vintage Game Room Machines, Auto Sales, Real Estate Agent Gerald Dickson and our newest addition, Regeneration Health. Rust Ridge Studios has also joined the Cannery family and their artistic touches can be seen in the new remodel. There are also a few new spaces available for lease.

Restorations have included the re-opening of two original skylights, flooding the main floor with natural light. Much of the original brick has been exposed, and the main entrance has been opened up uncovering the Cannery’s old loading dock. Some of these restorations led to the re-emergence of details alluding to the historic building’s past. “As we were sanding the concrete in the main area, we found perfect blocks of circles etched into the concrete” Sharlene said. “I’m guessing that is where the cans were stored and the acid from the tomatoes etched the concrete.”

Resurfacing Floors

New renovations include added retail space for Bullfrog Spas, and a complete and beautiful remodel of the Cannery Boutique. The Cannery is open during renovations. Come see the new and improved building and support these great local businesses. A grand re-opening is also slated for September.

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