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Community Art Show is hosted quarterly at Ogden’s Historic Union Station, welcoming artists of all skill levels and people of all backgrounds. The first show is on display at the Union Station until August 13th. The second show – Sustainable Planet- is open to artist submissions until August 2, 2021 at 4 p.m. Visit for submission details.


World-renowned muralist David “Don Rimx” Sepulveda recently finished his five murals along Grant Avenue between 22nd and 23rd street. To see more of his work, visit



Audrey Christensen is an artist and a people watcher. Her memory of watching her mother sew clothing eventually led her to her mixed media art form of embroidery and watercolor. Audrey was suffering with postpartum depression after her last child was born, and she wondered if making something for her daughter would help build a connection. She started making dolls, and people began asking her to make dolls for them. “I learned how to embroider while doing the intricate stitching for doll faces. I also draw in a sketchbook, so that’s when I thought about embroidering some of my drawings.” Stitching takes a lot of energy, and she was looking for different options. That is when she happened upon incorporating watercolor into her work. “I fell in love with having the paint on the fabric and seeing how it spreads. It allowed a release for me.” Watching the paint go on the fabric helped her through the postpartum depression.

A lot of her pieces are inspired by how she perceives the people she observes. She finds herself observing the performances of how people present themselves in public. “I like to see people layer different clothing, and I wonder what I would be doing if I was her. I also find beauty in the mundane little things we do on a daily basis.” She has embroidered a scene of a woman brushing her hair and other similar moments. “It takes you back to moments that you didn’t see the beauty in at the time.”

Audrey hosts watercolor embroidery classes and doll making classes. “I teach 100 percent.” She is ready to teach everything she knows to help others succeed. “I love seeing people try this for the first time, find joy in it, and leave with a piece they created. It’s inspiring to see people get that spark of creativity, even people who don’t believe they are creative; everyone has something they can share. I want them to be empowered to express themselves.” Visit to see when and where you can attend a class.

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August 27-28: Chalk It Up North Chalk Art Festival and 5K Color Run.
Chalk Artists can register now until Aug. 23 to participate in the 2021 Chalk it Up North festival. Visit for details.

July 29 – Aug 14: Into the Woods @ Perry’s Egyptian Theater
The Great Ogden Art Hunt is a monthly art scavenger hunt that takes place throughout various local Ogden art galleries and businesses. Each month, visitors and patrons must search for a hidden art piece (painting, pottery, sculpture, etc.) housed in one of several participating locations for a chance to win $100 cash AND the hidden artwork itself! Follow @TheMonarchOgden on Instagram or Facebook for the clues and participating locations.

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