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Dumke Arts Plaza OPENING!
Dec 3:
Dumke Arts Plaza Opening @ 25th Street First Friday Art Stroll 6 p.m.


Joan Mckinney

By Hailey Minton

As an art teacher, Joan Mckinney believes you need to teach someone how to observe and reproduce what they see without telling them how to do it. “Art is a language that doesn’t consist of words.” Joan retired from teaching art after teaching at North Ogden Jr. High and Orion Jr. High and looks forward to teaching from her home studio again in the near future. She explains that when someone tries to draw something, the image goes in through their eye, and they recreate it with their hand. “When you have a good artist, you don’t need to give them too many directions. You give them the framework, and they fill in the rest.”

When Joan was starting out, she knew she really loved drawing, but she didn’t have confidence in her ability. Doing well in a college art class really changed things for her. “Having really good teachers really helped.” From ceramics to art history, she loved it all. She taught art classes, earned a master’s degree in Human Resources, and worked at the library in the youth services for a time. In 2001, she renewed her teaching license and started at NOJH. She admitted she was intimidated at first, but the kids’ enthusiasm to learn melted that initial apprehension away. She had one student who knew trees didn’t actually look like balloons, and Joan really helped her recreate trees as we see them.

Joan loves painting whatever is fresh and exciting to her, and she finds inspiration from the beauty in the area, especially since she loves hiking. She has painted many mountain views, including capturing the morning light coming across Mt. Lewis. She also loved recreating wild horses snorting and fighting. In her opinion, some things, like a sunset, can be captured best with a camera; however, a paintbrush helps her evoke the emotion she feels about the image she is trying to recreate on her canvas.


Nov. 3rd: Ogden City School District Student Art and Music showcase @ The Monarch 5 – 7:30 p.m.

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