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Witchstock Festival
The Ogden Downtown Alliance and the Historic 25th Street Association will be hosting the annual Witchstock Festival at the Ogden City Amphitheater on October 28th. Enjoy Witches Tea, Zombie Crawl and Monster Bash events. For all the details, go to


Rachel Long

Rachel Long is a 12-year-old North Ogden artist whose professional journey began this last summer. She found a little tree sculpted from polymer clay at a store, and she immediately knew she could create similar sculptures with her own spin. With a little ‘outside of the box’ thinking, her art is now for sale inside of one: Ogden’s The Art Box.

Rachel found the supplies she needed and got to work making miniature gnomes that could go in fairy gardens. She sculpted the gnomes and placed them on sticks that could be inserted into plants. After making a few, she wanted to sell them.

She and her mother had gone to the Art Box to make candles for a birthday party. There, you can create your own candle and add your own trinkets to the top to customize them. Rachel’s mom thought her gnomes looked great on top, so they reached out to the owner. After Rachel found a way to make them flame resistant, Dianna, the owner, decided to buy some for her shop.

Subsequently, the Monarch invited Rachel to be the Young Artist featured for September. She had a pop-up stand outside the Art Box where she sold her artwork for the First Friday Art Stroll. “I made 164 pieces, had them all priced, and made a spreadsheet… I really learned the business side of art.” She sold $600 worth of art that day.

Rachel enjoys drawing and other mediums as well. She’s looking forward to learning how to use a Computer Aided Drafting program from her cousin. He is a professional artist who makes 3D models and architectural sculptures for different companies. The program will help her plan out her future sculptures and give her an idea of how it will look before building it physically.


October 4: The Great Ogden Art Hunt; search through local Ogden galleries and businesses for a hidden piece of art, and you could win $100! go to

Oct. 13: Jazz at the Station (Union Station’s grand lobby) from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. Free Admission

Oct. 16: NASA – WSU Native American Hand Drum & Cultural Dance Showcase @ Ogden Amphitheater from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

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