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Koby Spelts


Koby Spelts was always doodling in school. His notebooks were filled with faces and drawings, mostly in pencil or ink. “I always wanted to draw and, also, was the worst student ever,” he said with a laugh. He considers drawing a hobby; however, he has made quite a bit of money from it. He doesn’t actively seek it out, since he is occupied running his business RoofMax, but his network, gradually but naturally, gave him work as an artist through creating logos and making ads.

About two and a half years ago, Koby got an iPad and started learning how to use the in-depth drawing app Procreate.

“It’s a completely different beast… It’s like photoshop but for drawing.” At that point, he started designing logos for people who were starting companies. “I had a knack for it because I had been drawing my whole life.” Then, he started creating ads for Connection Publishing. You’ve probably seen Koby’s artwork over the last couple years without even realizing it was his. He is the artist behind the Two Brother’s Homes and Loans ads in the North Ogden Connection each month.

Consistency has made the biggest difference for Koby, and that’s because he enjoys drawing. “It’s my way of calming down.” He took a painting class and some pottery classes in high school and also took private lessons for a couple years from Jonene Ficklin, who taught art lessons from her home. The drive to figure things out on his own has really helped as well, along with YouTube, occasionally. However, the biggest factor in his success is that he has always stuck with it.

Upcoming Art Events

Aug 1 – 31: Parrot Pal Craft Kit @ North Branch Library (all day)

Teen Scene: Origami Shark Corner Bookmark Craft Kit @ North Branch Library (all day)

Aug 5: First Friday Art Stroll @ 25th Street, 6 – 9 p.m.

Aug 22: Art in Bloom Competition – Call for Entry Deadline @ Eccles Art Center (all day)

Aug 25: FREE Back to Home School Art Night @ The Local Artisan Collective, 5 p.m.

Aug 27: Summer Art Fest – Artist Vendors and Performers @ Eccles Art Center, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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