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Steve Gray


Have you ever seen a construction site with an artist’s rendition of the final building and landscaping that will be there? Steve Gray is a North Ogden artist who creates that kind of artwork. From a very early age, Steve Gray’s parents could see potential in his artistic abilities and encouraged him. He became involved, was awarded sterling scholar in high school in art, and even won a trip because of his artwork as a senior. Eventually, he turned it into a career doing architectural illustrations for homes and businesses. “We’ve been in this computer age for 30 years, but everything I do is hand drawn or hand painted on illustration board… People appreciate the painting look because they don’t see it elsewhere. There is an appreciation for hand drawn and hand painted artwork that doesn’t come from a computer.”

Steve does a lot of work for the Parade of Homes, where he illustrates the homes ahead of time. The builder provides the colors and the blueprints, and Steve creates it before the home is built. Then, when people come to visit the home, there will be an illustration of the home that visitors can take with them. Each of his illustrations go into a magazine for people to take who attend the parade of homes. He’s been involved in many Parade of Homes, including the one in Park City. A lot of people use computer- generated illustrations for building renditions, but some still recognize the value in the look and feel that comes from hand drawn or painted images.

Steve decided to pursue this career path as an artist, partially because of the higher demand for this type of artwork. “Artists can spend a lifetime creating artwork and finding a clientele to make a living. It’s not easy to do. I realized there was a niche I could do well in. I don’t know anybody who comes out of high school earning a living from painting portraiture and landscaping.” Making a living as an artist takes time and patience. Today, Steve has painted hundreds if not thousands of illustrations, and he plans to continue doing so.


July 1: First Friday Art Stroll @ 25th Street 6 – 9 p.m.

July 1-30: Traces of the West 2022 Art Exhibit @ Eccles Art Center 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

July 5: Craft Night: Paper Umbrella Wreaths @ North Branch Library 7 p.m. (To register, call 801-337-2650)

July 27: Connect – FREE, monthly pop-up art exhibit @ Ogden Union Station 6-9 p.m.

July 28: Art Class: Drawing Trees w/Pencil, Ink, & Charcoal @ North Branch Library 7 p.m. (To register, call 801-337-2650)

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