Mention “downsizing” and your mind goes to one of two places: compromise or liberation. The attitude and connected emotions are closely tied to your life experiences. Local Northern Utah homebuilder, Ovation Homes, specializes in creating a personalized and upscaled living for active adults ready to downsize. Here are two reoccurring themes they see:

  • Sometimes downsizing occurs due to circumstances that force a move, and sometimes it’s a choice.
  • Downsizing isn’t always age-related. It can be driven by the desire for freedom to intentionally live your best life.

Rising home prices and interest rates have created situations where most home buyers are making a square footage compromise. No matter your reasons, moving into small spaces does not need to be a downgrade; good planning and a little creativity will help you adapt your lifestyle without compromising your style and taste. Here are a few ideas from Ovation Homes, that you can incorporate into your small space today.

Kitchens. One of the most inexpensive ways to upscale your kitchen is by adding cabinet pulls to your cabinets and drawers. “At Ovation Homes, cabinet pulls are included in all our kitchens. I love the variety available from modern lines to more classic knobs; you can choose what fits your style best,” says Brynnlee Nash, Ovation’s in-house designer. For additional kitchen storage, consider adding floating shelves or cabinets under an extended countertop. Extending the countertop is also a great option to create more bar seating for guests.

Bathrooms. With small bathrooms, light is your friend. Use mirrors to reflect light on a wall opposite a window. Also, consider using downlights as an effect to make walls seem like they are receding. Another trick is using large floor tiles so that there are few grout lines to break up the room. Laying tile on the diagonal also visually lengthens the room.

Room for Gathering. One of the biggest challenges can be finding space for the objects you love so that the people you love can gather. Instead of making room for large cabinets, Ovation uses floating shelves and built-in cabinetry aside from a fireplace to fit all their home buyer’s collected treasures. Another option is building window boxes. This creates great storage for blankets and toys while giving a place to sit and read. Creating a cozy seating area can also make a room look bigger! One tip is to add floor outlets. This allows lamps to be placed closer to couches and chairs, creating a cozy space rather than keeping all the furniture around the perimeter.

If you are thinking about downsizing, visit for downloadable resources. There you can find checklists on how to get started, organizing tips for small spaces, and how to keep your small spaces freshly styled. You will also find plans, pricing, and building lots available for single-level living in Northern Utah. For more information about Ovation Homes, call (801) 823-4893.


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