The $20 Burger – Perfect for Father’s Day!!!


To make 6 patties

1 lb. ground beef 

1/3 lb. Italian sausage

1/3 lb. precooked bacon

8 Oz. Smoked Gouda or Munster, shredded or small cubes

2 Tbsp. season salt (or to taste)

We wanted to give you a world famous burger that you could make for an epic Father’s Day meal. We went to Lee’s Marketplace for some custom meat. They will make custom mixes for you of the raw meat, just ask Bob Mack,Chris Barfuss, or Tim Aguilar in the meat department. They mixed the Italian Sausage and Ground Chuck 85% in this meal. 

Once you get it home, mix in cooked bacon (Cut into small 1/2 inch pieces) and cubed cheese.

Cook till done, we barbecued ours. (Sausage should not be served rare).

Add lettuce, tomatoes and condiments to your taste.

customize it!

Here are some cool variations that you can use for the burger if you would like to build in some unique flavors. Add these or replace similar items with the following. 

Southwest Burger

• Add chipotle seasoning instead of season salt

• 2 small cans of green chilies instead of bacon

• 8 oz. Añejo cheese instead of Gouda

BBQ Burger

• Keep bacon in the recipe

• Add a diced onion to the meat

• Use Cheddar cheese cubes

• Use BBQ seasoning and cover your burger in sauce

• Top with sliced dill pickle

Breakfast Burger

• Use maple breakfast sausage instead of Italian sausage (You will have to mix this in yourself)

• Use maple flavored bacon 

• Add an egg to the raw meat and mix in

• Use cheddar cheese

• Fry an egg and serve over your burger

• Serve on an Onion Bagel or English Muffin and cover or dip in maple syrup

You’ve come this far, don’t skimp on the bun! Look for artisan bread, brioche or challah, and make sure you slightly toast it!

Home Made French fries

The best way to make French fries is to preheat oil in a deep pan to about 350º.

Peel and slice Russett potatoes to your desired size and soak them for about 15 min in salt water.

Remove from the water and place on a towel and dry the potato slices as best you can.

Put small amounts at a time into preheated oil. 

Cook fries to a golden brown or your desired crispiness. 

You will have to allow the oil to reheat to 350º after each batch. 

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