The 2-Million Gallon Aqua Titan: Up-and-Coming Randall Reservoir

The Randall Reservoir is a two-million-gallon reservoir project of which construction began during the first part of September, after demolishing the existing 500,000-gallon water storage, AKA, “Tank.” The reservoir will be on a fully enclosed concrete and conventional rebar reinforced concrete cylinder and when finished, will stand 24 feet tall from top to bottom. This new tank will help provide enough water storage to maintain our culinary water needs beyond when our build-out capacity is reached. Patriot Construction, the general contractor, and the design engineers at Sunrise Engineering are working closely to complete this project by early December. If weather conditions permit, the tank should be filled during the first week in December, with the backfill taking place the second week.

Stay tuned for updates as this project gets off the ground!

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