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Tell Your Story: That’s My House Cleaning Service


Have you ever been asked if you have an addiction to cleaning at a job interview? Well, that is an interview question if you want to work at That’s My House Cleaning Service. Owner, Tawnia Martin, calls her addiction to cleaning a compulsion. She loves to clean, and in fact, needs things to be clean. She previously worked in the restaurant industry where she always got high 90’s to 100’s on her health inspections because of how clean she kept her restaurants. When her husband was deployed at one point, the restaurant she worked at closed. She stayed home and cleaned and cleaned until her kids told her that she needed to start a cleaning company and get out of the house as she was driving them crazy, so she did.

So yes, she jokingly, but also seriously, says her employees are required to have cleaning addictions too. She just has a feeling that things need to be put in order. They clean and organize and work sometimes long hours because they want to make things right and clean!

When Tawnia’s husband was transferred to Utah by the military, she brought her cleaning company with her. She observed in most of the cleaning companies around here (franchise cleaning companies that cleaned in teams) that there were constantly changing staffs and set ways of doing things. There were solo cleaners, too, who just did some night and weekend work, but not a company who built a reputation of consistency and quality. Each home her company services gets assigned to a seasoned cleaner. Each cleaner must pass a federal background check because of their military ties and service to several Commanders’ homes. They also carry higher insurance than most other cleaning companies.

They personalize cleaning with each client and make sure to go over every aspect of their plan during the initial consult, so clients are pleased and impressed with their results. They can also do move-out cleans, premarket cleans, hoarder cleans, and have even cleaned for the Parade of Homes.

That’s My House Cleaning Service

Tawnia Martin • (801) 833 6941 • Harrisville, UT

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