Tell Your Story: Stegen’s Auto Body

From left: Jim, Shane and Nick


Stegen’s Auto Body has been around since 1966. In high school, Jim Stegen took an automotive class and learned the skills he needed to take a wrecked vehicle and return it to its former glory. Jim had a passion for cars, and he was excited to learn how to restore them. Soon, he was working hard, day and night, fixing cars in his dad’s garage. One day, Jim got paint on the floor, and his dad said, “No More!” But Jim didn’t listen, and he wouldn’t stop. He kept doing what he loved, and it soon grew from a hobby into a business.

As time went on, Jim learned more about fixing cars. In addition to the actual work on the vehicles, he became an expert in customer service. He truly wanted his customers to be happy with the work he did. That philosophy of putting the customer’s satisfaction first is one reason why Stegen’s has been so successful.

We all have cars and car insurance, and there is a common misconception in the automotive industry. We’re told that if our car needs repairs, we have to take it to the repair shop that our insurance company prefers. Many people believe that’s their only option. Not true! You can choose. Many insurance companies have a financial interest in using certain shops. They aren’t generally choosing them because the customer would most prefer their work. It’s up to you, and you can pick the shop that does the best work. What do you prefer?

Jim Stegen knows that business is more about making people happy than about the money. He ran his business that way until 2015 when he retired, turning it over to his son, Shane, and his grandson, Nick. Shane has been working with his father from a very young age and has taught Nick the same standards. Even though the industry has changed a lot through the years, good quality work is still the same. Shane and Nick are still running Stegen’s Auto Body today, working together to make sure the job is done right.

Stegen’s Auto Body

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